The World of Wrathe

The World of Rathe

Galloway is the dominant superpower with vast colonial power and an undefeatable navy. It is the most technologically advanced nation in the world next to Jern with a musket equipped military and ships with cannons but swordplay is still considered a vital part of warfare. The main island (Nestled next to Tredonia) is mostly bustling cities and farmland with a large mountain range to the south. Humans are the dominant race here with other races mixed in lesser proportions Galloway is a democracy, it won its right to be a nation of free people after a vicious civil war about a hundred years ago. The ruling system is parliamentary with each province within the country electing a representative to go to the capital city and participate in running the country. The current Prime Minister is Lady Alaina Foster a fiery redheaded woman from the southern coast. She’s been reelected 4 times and is well loved by the people.

Tredonia is an elven kingdom and has been for thousands of years. It is mostly vast open country with A few villages scattered throughout. Farming will be prominent here and technology is slightly frowned upon but magic is a major influence and Wizards are well respected. The line of kings can be traced back to the very first ruler (due to the longevity of elves this is only about 10 generations), Marconia of Oswald who wrested the land from the Sorcerer barbarian tribes. As legend has it the very spot where the throne of the kingdom sits is the same spot where Marconia plunged his mythical sword into the heart of the demon Samsonite, encasing the beast in stone and claiming the land in the name of the elven people. The current ruler is Mark Oswald, named in honor of the first ruler, at his side is the Queen Caitlyn the Duchess of Duthie. King Mark is somewhat reclusive, he will see to public affairs when needed but would much rather be in his vast library or spending time with his five children (Geoffrey, Lindsay, Esther, Jonathan, and Zachary)

Zehr is a human kingdom, but unlike the peaceful Tredonia, Zehr has a King decided by might. Contests of strength or even all-out fights determine who leads. Because of its size, Zehr is split up into 31 provinces, each overseen by a close lieutenant of the King or Queen. A new king is crowned by beating the current king in some form of contest. Once a challenge is issued the King decides how the matter will be decided, the laws state that this contest may be anything the king wishes but it is most often a fight to the death. This way the rebellious element is crushed and it serves as a demonstration to other would be usurpers. The current warrior king is Lord Geoffrey the Hammer (King Mark’s firstborn son was named after the Hammer in honor of a peace agreement reached between the two men and their nations). Geoffrey is rather intelligent for a Zehritian man (On one occasion he was challenged only days after being injured in a different challenge and rather than fight the large man in his weakened state Geoffrey trounced the man in a game of logic and sent him on his way) but in his advancing years Geoffrey has taken to the drink and leaves most of the more boring affairs to his advisor Beckham and the 31 state Chieftains.
Because of the natural barrier provided by the mountains, Zehr is fairly primitive. Often warriors wear leather or hide armor and use only the simplest weapons. They make up for it with their strength and vast population. Dwarves dwell within the mountain range, independent of Zehr but often trading with those around them.

Saul is the third human nation, without surprise, it is an oriental nation. Honour is highly praised in this nation; a man’s word is as good as any signed contract from Galloway. This culture has thrived because of its advances in technology, but it does not use them in warfare. They believe it is more honorable to meet one’s enemy face-to-face. Religion is vastly different here than anywhere else. The one god system is still in place but Saulese worships him in twelve different aspects represented by the traditional signs of the Chinese zodiac. Pretty much all the aspects of Saul will revolve around the 12 aspects (Ox- strength, Dragon- power, Rat-intellect, Tiger- spirit, Rabbit-wisdom, Snake- change, Horse- honour, Sheep- compassion, Monkey- innocence, Rooster- courage, Dog- loyalty, Boar- discipline) and the symbolism will be heavy. The Emperor Di Quoe is a very old man and has reigned for 144 years ever since he was 12 days old. He is seldom seen except at large public events and at his yearly speech on the twelfth day of the twelfth month at midday. Language barrier will be enforced here.
The Gallowayan colony here is mostly jungle but this is where Galloway gets most of the timber for its vast navy. It is well protected and the waters around it constantly patrolled.

Polaris is not really a nation but a religious state. It is the heart of organized religion in this world. Polaris consists of many cities and small towns each with a large church and The City of Light in the middle where the Leader and the paladin order reside. Polaris is a multicultural “nation” with many races residing together in peace. The Church of Light has institutions outside of Polaris which are allowed to conduct their affairs with either little consideration or outright scorn.
Polaris is a Theocracy with the clerics and priests governing the matters of state. There are four levels within the church, Priests are responsible for one church and congregation their power is determined by the size of their flock so church positions within the state and close to the Holy city are highly sought after. Bishops oversee a group of churches (the exact number depends on the area. In large cities it may be as many as ten whereas outside the nation it may be as few as two). And govern monetary affairs and matters which the priests are unqualified to deal with. Cardinals oversee the workings of the religious institution itself and the Pontifex who is the high priest and spiritual leader of Polaris. When the Pontifex dies he appoints a new one in his will and unless the appointment is unanimously refuted by the Cardinals the selection is final. The current Pontifex is Erasmus XIV who is trying to return the church to its fire and brimstone roots and has revoked laws against witch hunting and the torture of prisoners suspected of heresy. The arms of the church are the Paladin order of the Radiant Fist and the Sorcerer’s guild, The Purple Rose. There is constant competition between these two factions for the favor of the Pontifex but it has never come to outright hostility. At the head of the Radiant Fist is [insert name here] a blond southerner who is unflinching in his belief in the church and its leader. He has gone on several crusades and keeps trophies from especially worthy opponents. The Guild master of the Purple Rose is Lindsay Vandewaal A cold calculating elf sorceress who, unlike Oskar, indulges her passions and doesn’t devote every waking moment to service of the church. She doesn’t agree with Erasmus’ policies and in fact is one of his more vocal opposition but she still follows orders. The sexual tension between the two leaders is thick enough to be cut with a knife.
Tembo is the continent north of Polaris. It is not a nation but simply area unclaimed by an organized nation. This is the domain of the “wild races”. Tribes of Goblins and Gnolls live in this area in relative peace along with several nomadic Halfling tribes, only warring if their territory is threatened.
The Gallowayan colony here is rich in mineral deposits. Vast mines delve deep into the earth stripping the ground of its metals. Galloway employs dwarves from the mountains of Zehr to oversee the operations and volunteers from their own nation as well as any willing natives to do the actual mining. The northern tip has been all but stripped and Galloway is moving inland to keep operations running. The Southern area of the colony is a favorite spot of sport hunters who wish to catch game of epic proportions Like Dinosaurs and Dire Creatures.

Salagi is another unclaimed territory. Here Orcs and humans coexist in a tribal trading system. The terrain is mostly plains with desert in the north, mountains and snowy forests in the South.
Galloway’s colony here is establishing a foot-hold in this new world. There are some resources here but the climates are too extreme for a widespread operation. It is mostly settled by those who wanted to leave the main nation for one reason or another. Life is hard and crime is on the rise.
The Zehr colony is a trading post for doing business with the natives. They trade metals and lumber for the meat and fur of the large beasts of the south. Another resource has been found here, gold. Zehr uses less destructive methods of retrieving this increasingly precious metal than Galloway’s strip mining in the north of Tembo.
Saul’s colony is mainly a series of fishing ports that are used to process large catches like whales or dragon turtles.
The Northern part of this land mass is largely unexplored it is a land of dense jungle and dangerous creatures. Galloway has established a colony here as an alternative to the Saul neighboring colony for its lumber reducing its dependency on a fixed source but there are tales of entire voyages disappearing and as a result there are very few volunteers to expand the settlement.

Jern is the massive continent between Salgi and Galloway this is the home of the gnomes. Jern is by far the most advanced nation, they have steam powered vehicles and superior black powder weaponry. Despite having some innate magical ability, gnomes don’t often use magic especially when making things. They consider it cheating.
Most of Jern is a wasteland. Being an industrial people, the gnomes of Jern have long since stripped trees from the entire continent. As a result they stopped using wooden components years ago and now all their creations, fortifications and tools are made from metal or stone.
The only thing that has stopped the spread of the gnome’s destructive practices is the ocean. Since the only sources of water in Jern are small streams and underground springs, few, if any, gnomes know how to swim and thus the entire race has a healthy fear of large bodies of water. This, combined with their need to make everything incredibly heavy and made of metal, has made it extremely difficult for them to develop naval technology of any kind.

The Dark Continent
North of Saul is a large landmass that was once a fourth human nation. They were a nation of wizards, the best in the world and as a result they were mostly left to their own devices except for occasional trade or good-will missions. Around the time Emperor Di Quoe of Saul was being crowned there was a disaster of monumental proportions. The flash of green light could be seen all the way from the Northern end of Tembo. No one knows what happened, any expeditions sent to the continent have not returned. The closest any expedition has ever gotten and still returned was 25 leagues away. Any attempts to scry on the continent have been met with madness and death.
It is now considered incredibly bad luck to speak the name of the nation aloud and many have forgotten or simply never learned the name. It is now known only as The Dark Continent.

The World of Wrathe

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